Pouring Massage Oil


Aromatherapy can enhance any type of massage. We use high-quality essential oils, including a variety of herbal and fruit scents, when massaging your skin. These scents have different impacts on your mood and health, and our experts can help you choose one that fits your needs. You can also choose your own if you have a preference!


Essential oil massages are best for people who want to have an emotional healing component to their massage. This type of massage can help:

  • Boost your mood

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduce symptoms of depression

  • Relieve muscle tension

  • Relieve pain

Using these oils during a massage also allows our hands to glide more smoothly over your skin for a soothing sensation. Your massage therapist can use aromatherapy oils during any type of massage.

A woman getting spa treatment

During the massage, you’ll receive a body massage while inhaling essential oils through a diffuser and absorbing them through your skin. Since this massage uses oils, we ask you to undress to avoid staining your clothes. Sometimes an aromatherapy massage will only focus on your back, shoulders, and head. We don’t recommend this type of massage if you’re sensitive to smell or essential oils, however. 


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