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Couple Massage

Couples Massage

At Chinese Massage Therapy, you can enjoy a romantic couples massage with your partner. This is a creative date night idea that lets you relax and enjoy yourself. 


A couples massage doesn’t have to be romantic, however. It can also include a friend or family member. During the massage, you can talk and catch up in the tranquil atmosphere of our massage parlor.

During the massage, you’ll relax on side-by-side tables. You can also request other services like aromatherapy as part of your massage package. We’ll use essential oils on your body and in a diffuser to help you relax and unwind. 


During a couples massage, you can choose any style of massage you want. Since you’ll each have a licensed massage therapist working on you, you can each choose different massage styles. If you have issues with chronic pain and soreness, deep tissue massage could be right for you. If you’re curious about gua sha, our studio is the perfect place to try it.


Whatever you choose, our goal is to soothe your body and mind. If you want to spend quality time with a  loved one, this is a unique and fun way to do so. Call today to schedule a massage appointment at our studio in Pittsburgh, PA!

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