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Chinese Massage Therapy offers cupping therapy at an affordable price. We provide cupping services to assist with pain and provide other health benefits. During the cupping process, we apply suction to direct blood flow to the area. This type of traditional Chinese massage decompresses muscles and fascia instead of compressing them like most other forms of massage. 


Cupping can be used to achieve immediate pain relief. It can reduce general inflammation and also encourages healthy circulation and overall relaxation. Some of our clients enjoy it as a deep tissue massage, as well. Studies suggest that it can even help with acne.

Other clients enjoy cupping because it improves their mobility and can reduce tightness in scar tissue. We provide cupping for the back, arms, and legs to help with stiffness in these areas.

Cupping therapy

After cupping, you may be left with bruises and some mild soreness, but they will fade away within a week, leaving you with the health benefits and loosened muscles. 


If you experience chronic pain or muscle aches, cupping is worth a try. Call or visit our studio in Pittsburgh, PA to schedule appointments with our expert staff!

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